a.k.a. raised print

Thermography creates a raised effect on images and letters.

Thermography is produced using a traditional offset press.

Thermography can be applied to any freshly printed sheet to add texture to piece.


There are many powders that are available which include clear, matte, pearlescent, fluorescent, Metallics and glitter.


The thermography process

A printed sheet drops off the printing press onto the conveyor of the thermography machine on to

the powder applicator, covering the entire sheet with thermography powder where it attaches to the wet ink.

The extra powder is vacuumed up and Recycled

The coated sheet passes through an oven with temperatures over 900 degrees Fahrenheit then quickly in to a cooling tunnel and it’s stacked.


Laser Safe Thermography

Traditional thermography powder can re-melt when exposed to heat, so if a letterhead is being printed that may be used in a laser printer, you will want to be sure to specify “laser safe thermography”